Where and when will the elections will be held?
Request for NSA Bylaws, Finances and Elections.


Hi Elaine,

It was nice to talk with you on the phone a while back.  I think everyone was getting confused.  I'm glad you weren't.  Anyway, I'm pleased to see that youíve been starting to publish your Bylaws on your website talking about elections.

And thanks for those financial reports.  Maybe if I go back over them with a fine tooth comb..  I don't know..  Anyway, I can't find it.  I don't think anyone ever will.  Which only leaves me with more questions.  What's an "auditor" anyway?  Who *are* all these people and why haven't I met them?  (Don't answer those questions!  I know this one too..)  "What's the use?" .. It's a mystery.  You don't know what I'm talking about.  Thatís OK.

Anyway, I'm starting to get a good feeling about Elaine there too.  I should screw up the courage to call her up again sometime but I'm too chicken.  Maybe Elaine there is too.  I never *did* meet Joe Sheehan at that 'Council Convention.  "You go up to him and you introduce yourself to him!"  Vivian demanded of me (I didn't know who she was!) after I told her how much I wanted to.  Looks like you're doing some good things there Elaine.  And I hope to encourage you to continue to.   I very much believe in the stuttering self-help movement.  It's been my therapy and the "gold standard"--a model of how the self-help movement works. 

BTW, I like your stuttering Elaine. I like it a lot.

I have an idea for the Banquet.  At our last meeting we were talking about the concept of having it as a social event.  Like I remember we used to have way back.  And at the 'Council and SpeakEasy conventions.  "Providing self-esteem from the camaraderie of our fellow members" or something.  What do you think?  Can we afford it?

And, oh yes, also at our last meeting our Chapter Leader passed out the handout on the upcoming Conference.  After which I requested that at our next meeting that he provide me with a copy of your Bylaws, financial statement and to know where and when will the elections will be held. 

I like your stuttering Elaine. I like it a lot. 

BTW, I like Bill Smith too.  Barry also seemed interesting.  Sorry I didnít have a chance to meet him last summer.  Joseph Diaz is an old friend.  Say 'hi' to Mike McDuffie for me.  Sorry I didnít have a chance to meet all the rest.

Anyway, I forgot to ask our Chapter Leader to ask you for the identity of the people who will be running the election.  Hopefully you or one of your board members knows that an *honest* election requires the *early* formation of an entity known as "not running for office" to run it and that it be provided with the proper resources to do so effectively.  This entity is sometimes referred to as an "election team not running for office".  Your Bylaws (of which neither I, nor anyone I know of, has a copy of yet) may refer to it as a "nominating committee not running for office".  Which requires a call to the membership for volunteers to sit upon it.  If I were running it I'd be placing an ad in my newsletter worded something like this:

NSA Election Team 2007
Call for Applicants to sit upon it.
Only those committed to Honest Elections need apply.
proven Ethical Abilities required

I know that may sound kinda weird to you.  Anyway, thatís how *I'd* word it (from past experience).  I still don't know where the 10's of millions of dollars have gone that have been funneled into that charity over the years.  I don't think the IRS will ever figure it out either.  Anyway, I certainly know it's done nothing whatever to address *my* issues.  You don't know what I'm talking about.  Thatís OK.

I don't know if you remember those Jerry Lewis telethons.  Maybe they still have them.  I don't know.  Or maybe youíve seen those commercials on TV showing starving children urging all to send money lest they perish.  I don't know *where* the money goes anymore.  I don't think the IRS does either anymore.  You know what I think?  I think it's just "a stack of papers" in that IRS office.  But thatís another long story I won't bore you with either here.

Anyway, I have a phrase.  It's called "check it out".  Because I have this problem.  It's seems so easy for people to play tricks on me all the time.  Especially by those I trust.  You're told something like "don't talk to her, she doesn't want to talk to you" at some reception somewhere or something.  Someone you trust just pops in out of the blue and tells you this and disappears.  And you believe it.  Because you trusted this person.  Sounds strange doesn't it?  Actually, I don't know why I'm telling you all this.  It probably never happened.  I'm probably just imagining it.


"You go up to him and you introduce yourself to him!" (Vivian Sheehan)


Anyway (on another topic) what I really regret about having missed at your last Conference the most was a chance to talk with Nora O'Connor.  In fact, she came over to chat in a group at the reception and was standing only a few feet away from me.  And have absolutely no idea why I never went over and joined them to see her again and meet all those new people she was with.  I really wanted to.  Or why I never availed myself of the opportunity to speak with her further later in the hallway when I happened upon her alone.  But felt I should not say nothing more than a few words.  At which she showed no signs of displeasure whatever.  I'll try to do better the next time.  Indeed, I would have been honored to have had the chance to speak with her more.  And look forward to that day very much.  Like I did with Annie.  Who came over and sat right in front of me at a workshop.  It was lovely. 

Sorry for the digression.  I don't know how I got off on it.  Hope you're still awake there.

Anyway, it was nice to talk with you on the phone.

I like your stuttering Elaine.  I like it a lot.

All the best,


p.s: I'll repeat it in case you missed it:

* A copy of your Bylaws.

* Financial Report

* Where and when will the elections be held?

I like your stuttering Elaine.  I like it a lot.