Why I'm dedicating this website to Nora

I have a self-esteem issue.  I appreciate an honest compliment.  I remember them:

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The NorCal chapter listserve includes NSA members who are from San Jose, San Francisco, the East Bay and Sacramento.  The purpose for this listserve is to post announcements about chapter meetings, social activities and to discuss issues related to stuttering and post current news about stuttering.  And yes, humor is welcome. I think that's why the San Francisco Chapter has done as well as we have this past year as the chapter has been rebuilt ... we know how to have fun and the importance of humor!

Geoffrey - this morning I took the time to call you to clarify the above information.

Nora O'Connor

(the italics are mine)


  She stated it publicly to everyone.  It was absolutely delightful.  And quite intoxicating (perhaps too much so!).

  As was a half year later after the "SF Night Out" she put together at the India Curry House.  When afterwards after everyone had left, she snuck back in from behind me .. finding me all alone ..  'unawares' .. sitting in a chair and took my hand gently in both of hers in a lovely warm handshake as she said some very warm words (I missed!).  And disappeared.

  Then later, in summer, it was nice to see her again at the "Stutter Step" event she put together with Jeff Shames.  In the social period afterward, I waited until she was free and went up to her and told her that it takes a certain amount of courage to say what she did in that video and how it impressed me.  She told me "It's nice to see you again Geoffrey".  But these words didnít carry the message of a common pleasantry.  Indeed, they carried something far more serious and far far better.  For they were determined and resolute words.  And measured for full weight.
  And filled with respect.

  I need to get up to San Francisco more often.