Bob Gathman

(founder of Speak Easy, Intl.)

"It's so nice to hear your voice.."

I still remember those words from him as soon as he realised it was me when I called him years ago.  I need to call Bob more often (self-esteem--"the energy for pursuit").  I think we may have some similar lifelong issues apart from stuttering.  I'd like to tell him what I've learned.  I remembered one phone call with him where he just seemed to "come alive" when he realised it was me.  I know this mood lability thing.  It's extremely rapid.  And that lifelong constant search for self-esteem "we get it wrong in the mirror".  Hypersensitivity: everything hurts.  It's just "how we are".  And it's not our fault.

"Why Can't We Talk"

"Did I see the play?" he always wanted to know.  I gently tried to explain to him "I don't need to see the play Bob" (for I've already seen it many times).  But I just realised something I forgot to tell him: 

"I'm much more interested in talking to you in person!" 

"Why Can't We Talk!"

Bob: "It's so nice to hear your voice.." (I forgot to tell you that one too, didn't I?) and btw, 

"It's a hit!"--didnít you know that?

Those are wonderful and lovely nostalgic memories I have of meeting so many new, different and interesting people at all those Speak Easy Symposiums.  Those civilised Banquets, live Opera singers even!--to help with the digestion--meeting all those new people.  I had great fun at them.  And as "official" -- (ha! & harrumph to that!) photographer, I was the only one who had a (ha & harrumph!)--"official" excuse not only to do "workshop hopping" but a King's License to 'roam at will'  ambushing (and they remember it!) whomever I pleased with my flash.  In fact, I should have taken that pea-shooter along with me I used to have back in England when I was 5! .. made sure they really remembered me (they do in England!).  It was terrific therapy: "please allow me to introduce myself", Socialisation, assertiveness, et. al.  Those long conversations with all those top people in the field in someone's "room at the inn"  late into those Friday and Saturday nights.  I thoroughly enjoyed it all.  

Maybe I forgot to tell you that one too.


Antoinette -- she was Intelligent and Fun!

And I shall always dearly miss Antoinette.  Especially those teases I'll never be able to finish with her.  Like that voluntary stuttering I'll never be able to get out of her.  And I knew I had something on her at that International Stuttering Convention in San Francisco when she clammed up on me after I said to her "I didn't know you had such a racy background Antoinette".  As she realised she had just made the mistake of mentioning in front of me and a small group of us there that she had been a showgirl in her youth.  Alas, I'll never be able to pursue her on that one!  That's the best one yet!