"Gather round dockside mates and we'll have some laughs and I'll bend your ear with tales of the Stuttering high-seas from a shipwrecked Old Salty sea-dog here."

"looks kinda cute, doesn't he?"

Geoffrey Mangers
("Jeffrey MANjers")

www.stutter.name -- this is my own personal Windjammer.
Commentary with some Humor on my involvement with the stuttering self-help movement since '71.
My Stuttering  (c. 1979)
("click on the pic", 1 minute at 56K)

An absolutely brilliant interview by Sidney Fields. 
(I know -- I've seen others)
Thanks for capturing it so well Sidney.

Learn more about me on my flagship website: www.mangers.org
Or meet me at one of our San Jose meetings: www.nsanorcal.org

"Now for some HUMOR.."

Creative Expression
Barbara Baker!

OK, they actually DO spend $250,000 a year.
John Ahlbach confirmed it for me (from what his budget was) at the last Holiday Party.  It's "what it is".
But they really *should* publish where it all goes.

  Where and when will the elections will be held? 
 Request for NSA Bylaws, Finances, and Elections.
 "I like your stuttering Elaine.  I like it a lot."

  Good luck Elaine.
 I hope she doesn't fizzle out on me. 
8/17/66: Good to hear the NSA has been moving on my request to see those NSP financial records, it made my day.

The 2006 NSA Conference
Doug Austin (of the Idyllwild Dickens Players)

"It is an Honor to speak with you"

Sorry there wasn’t time to get to know you better and that I met you too late.  Alas, it all goes too quickly.  I have no idea who you are but from the few brief and powerful sentences I heard from you I can only conclude that you must be an absolutely brilliant actor.  The Honor is mine Sir.

  Overall a pretty good Conference.  500+ attendees.  Did most of the right things.  Interesting and useful workshops.  I got to announce my website at their open mic -- what a thrill! -- my "first time" up there (and "first chosen" by emcee Vikesh Anand).  Met many new and fascinating people.  Like Dr. Gerald Maguire -- thanks for the smile after the Banquet too, I always like a psychiatrist who appreciates "an update".  It was fun to meet you.  And know I'm not the only one who struggles with that "social anxiety" problem.
  The Banquet I thought was a bit too noisy -- hard to talk to all those new people around the table.  You just "give up" and wind up mute throughout it.  Hopefully they'll be able to solve this difficult and frustrating problem in the future somehow.  I know the technical problems involved must be enormous.  Maybe they can hire JPL engineer Catherine I met after the Banquet and put her to work on it.  We had some good laughs together about the "state of affairs" in the world.  As I also did with Ira "Jeopardy" Zimmerman who showed me his hat.  The problem is "you can't see it".  You need a bigger hat Ira.
  Seemed to be missing a lot of folks I remember at the last one out here on the West Coast (Anaheim, 2002).  Missed Vivian Sheehan (hope she's doing OK), Bill Perkins, Judy Kuster, Jeff Shames, Rich Wells, Scott Norton, Anita Blom, Karen Wexler, Tom Kehoe etc.  Still hoping to see John Albach turn up again sometime.  Always nice to see Fred Murray again.  And know he's still "sailing on" and doing well.  What a repository of knowledge!  Also at the Banquet table along with Mel and Ruth Hoffman, Toni and son, Bob Foote (interesting!) and wife.  Good to see Annie and Nora again.  And Bill Nimelman.  Bill Parry.  Gail Wilson Lew.  Judy Eckardt.  Lunch Saturday with Robin Deschamps (fellow writer!).  Joe Klein -- remember to say 'Hi' to Sister Charleen Bloom at the College of St. Rose for me (that one should be fun!).  Bonnie Weiss introduced herself to me at a workshop, how sweet.  Of course, our Chapter's head cheese Howard Delman's always good for a smile.  Two very very funny people just before the Banquet: Harold Kameya and friend.  What a riot!  Need to get up to that S.F. group sometime, meet these guys again!.  And many many new faces.  Maybe 30 or so -- wow!  And so nice to hear afterwards from Richard Borys .. what a thrill! -- someone remembered me!  I asked Tony Ivy (from our local San Jose group) if he wanted to share a room.  I'm glad I did.  We had lunch and dinner together Friday and I very much enjoyed his intelligent listening and warm and gentle companionship that helped me with my confidence to meet all those I did.  Thanks for the smiles from everyone.

Good Guys
(everyone needs to know this, and why .. )

 Mel Hoffman
Rich Wells
John Albach

I miss their leadership.
It used to be called "The NSP".
Now it's called "The NSA".
The Board meeting Sunday morning 7/2/06

 I wish to express my deepest gratitude to one of our members for assertively coming over to me and taking their latest financial report from me and telling me I couldn’t have it.  Else I would have taken it home with me and never have read it.

  Joseph Diaz announced the meeting Saturday to us all the next day for Sunday morning.  It was in Executive Session when I got there.  And later opened for members requests as we sat in the outside circle of chairs around the Board members at the table.  I discreetly dropped off my folded request letter with Joseph Diaz.  As I did the previous day with Michael McDuffie.  I like Mike and Joseph.  Actually Joseph reminds me a lot of myself.  That diffidence is always rather charming ("trying to please everyone" -- good luck!).
  Anyway, I get to publicly make my request before the Board to examine the NSP books 93 to 99.  Barry Liben (I believe it was Barry anyway on my left at the table) gave me the feeling that he understood and respected this request.  I learned Rich Wells was the chairman during that period.  So I asked for a letter to present to Rich for the request.  And heard they need to contact their lawyer.  I stayed as long as I could but had to leave around 11am to pack for my noon check-out deadline which I explained to Barry quietly returning their financial statement.  Sorry didn’t have time to stay for the rest and meet you guys.  Actually, I did miss the opportunity to meet Barry.  He seems interesting.

Thanks Westin!
for finding my glasses!  And calling me to let me know.  Twice, the second time by Gary Gonzalez (head of security) who sent them to me 'gratis'.  Thanks Gary!  I just got them 7/10/06.  You're sweet.


Sail On!  Sail On!
I brought my case before the Admiralty publicly.  I want some answers, and it finally looks like they're moving on it and starting to ask those questions themselves.  I want to know what's been hiding in those financial records over all these years.  And why no one knows.
 OK, maybe it didn't sink.
 Maybe they threw Captain Ahab to Moby Dick.
 There's something fishy going on here.
The pride of our fleet, why did it sink??
 "The NSPequod"
What happened to all our money?
(none of our former NSP Board members I've talked to are bothered by this question one bit)
Hugo Gregory:
"This has got to stop!"

"Shredded"? - I heard the word 'shredded'..
We learned it from Watergate: "follow the money"

Dear Tammy.. (2/8/06)
(Keep up the good work..)

"Hi Hi Hi!"  (4/13/06)

Sorry for the mistake, Tammy..
  Dear NSA Board of Directors..  (6/7/06)


"About Geoffrey"

Self-esteem ("maybe I've got it wrong..")


Remembering Ed Mysak

Just one of those constellations shining brightly for me.
"And they fly high overhead"

Vivian Sheehan

Eleanor Lambidakis (self-esteem)
(early editor of the ‘Council newsletter)


Bob Gathman  ("It's so nice to hear your voice..")

Nora O'Connor ("And yes, humor is welcome ... !")


This is my--(that's the personal pronoun for "me") own personal Windjammer.  And I'm launching it with a bottle of champagne named Nora O'Connor ("humor is welcome ... !")

Commentary on my involvement with the stuttering self-help movement since '71.  Expect 'Geoffrey'--it's Humor.  It's been so much fun teasing all you guys over the years.  And I'll apologise/explain if it goes awry.   ("stay tuned" .. "work in progress" .. "raising sail here..") 


I wish to dedicate this website to Nora O'Connor.

For impressing me with her courage.  And for teaching me some very important and invaluable lessons.  And particularly the one of confidence, the most invaluable one of all.

"this is why" ~ Dedication  



To HELL with Fluency!

For Marilyn (the power of women who stutter)

Self-esteem -- "the energy for pursuit"
Stuttering wasn't the problem.

I remember how I was standing alone and wanted to introduce myself to Jane Fraser at the Washington NSP Convention and never did (that self-esteem thing).  She had sent me the SFA VanRiper therapy tapes and was pleased with the "single tape" that I had dubbed all 5 of them back onto and returned all of them (she never asked me to, but I had my copies and didn’t need them).  I was standing right there in front of her literature table as I found her all alone behind it for a minute or so as she had finished 'tidying' and setting up behind it.  That passivity and self-esteem issue of mine, I so much wanted to meet her but never did.  As I stood there right in front of her.  I call self-esteem "the energy for pursuit".

I remember the first ‘Council Convention I saw Joe Sheehan at.  As he mingled socially with a large crowd of us having just arrived in the evening.  And at a safe distance on the other side of the room I confided to this new woman I had just met about wanting to meet him.  "You go up to him and you introduce yourself to him!" Vivian (his wife) demanded of me (I didn’t know who she was!).  I really wanted to but never screwed up the courage to do so.  I met him at the next Convention I saw him at.  Sorry I was a bit slow there Vivian.  Anyway, thanks for saying what I needed to hear.

  Now for some HUMOR..  
because (as Nora herself stated it publicly to me for all to hear):
"humor is welcome ... we know how to have fun and the importance of humor!"

Rave Reviews for Geoffrey!

"Welcome Aboard Mates!"

"Shredded"? - I heard the word 'shredded'..

This is for all you women

"Nice to see you again, Richard"


Warning! .. watch out for that "fast draw" of Jane's  ..
    "I know how to spell it.."

New website offers hope for the fluent!

And tell Judy to "Watch Out!" too..

Michael Hartford saw I had some new ideas!

Charleen Bloom .. I'm sure she must remember me!!

"I hope Jeff Shames is well"

"Meet Cheryl"

Attention! .. all agents in the field..

Humor Home

A warm welcome to our new members
"I wouldn't worry about it, Gina"

>..nervous as hell about giving presentations..

>It'll be interesting if I feel more comfortable 
>or more self-conscious at this meeting you've invited me to. 

>..more self-conscious..

Here "let me help you..", Gina.

First, we'll all be perfectly fluent.  They're all a bunch of wimps terrified of letting any of us find out they stutter.  It's like pulling teeth trying to get any voluntary stuttering out of any of them.

So remember, you won't even know it's a group of stutterers when you walk in.  You'll be pretty scared.  It's your first meeting.  Maybe you've gotten the wrong room or something.  So you'll have to ask.  Don't stutter!--on second thought, maybe you shouldn't ask..

Anyway, before this, when you arrive early at the parking lot (so you can be the first at the meeting before it becomes really packed), start worrying.  Maybe we've ALL shown up early.

You'll have plenty of time to work up a real sweat.  Pace around a bit near your car.  In about an hour, after you've finally screwed up enough courage to walk into the meeting, your hands should be sufficiently trembling and knees buckling to finally walk into the room.  With a full blown panic attack.  Remember, don't stutter! (hopefully, we won't have to pull out the gurney again this time like we have to for all those other "first timers" and rush you off to the Emergency Room at the Hospital there).

Actually, by this time, (if you make it this far) I'd be pretty steamed about what all these fluent ingrates had just put me through.  And tell us all to rot in hell and stomp out.

As you speed home, make sure you didn't enter the wrong meeting room.  There's lots of different groups that meet in all those rooms at Kaiser's "Bldg. K".  You could start your own.  Then you'd have to deal with all those new people constantly walking in and telling you to rot in hell just before they stomp out.  We never have a chance to find out if they've gotten the right group.

Unless they pass out and we have to pull out the gurney again..

"I wouldn't worry about it..",

Humor Home

  "Nice to see you again, Richard"


Holiday Party 2004!

Rich Wells is always fun.  Teasing me about my fluency.

Complaining about how I've become a "bad example" for the others. .. "bringing down the neighborhood" or something I suppose.  Telling me to "shape up", "get with the program".

I think he's gonna have me committed or something if I don't "get it together" quick.  He thinks I've completely lost it.  He knows the Jury will agree with him.  I already know they're gonna "throw the book at me" .. 'cause I used to be on it.  Before my Therapy.  And it's a "hanging Jury".  There's nothing you can say to them after you’ve "committed the crime".  They already know if you try to make any attempt at some redemptive stuttering that you're just lying through you're teeth.

yeah, I remember it: driving up from NYC to my first Albany ‘Council meeting at the College of St. Rose back around '75 .. walking into that huge group in a circle in that classroom.  As Dr. Brown stood up at the beginning and gave us all a short speech.  Fluently: without a single block! .. "what's his problem?" -- boy was I steamed!

Now I have to deal with these little snots myself.

"Nice to see you again, Richard"

 Humor Home

Jürgen (pronounced "Yurgen")
Pacific Sunset

Jürgen (from Germany! -- of course, "what did you expect?") took the picture of me you see at the top of this website with his digital camera in his backyard one day last summer.  No one gets me there like Jürgen can.  He wouldn't accept my compliment over the phone after I downloaded it and saw how good it was: ..the glasses need straightening .. hair's not combed perfectly .. (et. al.)  He's a riot.

3/13/04: Reservations for two at O'Mei in Santa Cruz (off the Pacific Ocean)Just me and Jürgen that Saturday night.  But I had forgotten to make the reservations.  So we had almost an hour to kill after we got there.  We walked around the area a bit outside, got some exercise.  Lotsa laughs!  In that summer coastal night air.  Winding up at this funky organic supermarket just across the street from O'Mei that I wanted to show him.  We look around at it all inside.  As we continue our quips and laughter with each other about life et. al.  BTW, in Germany, you're expected to pay for it after you 'tap off' the granola from one of those bins.  Which Jürgen did from one.

So we eventually wind up at the checkout.  The young check-out girl opposite attending a customer is wearing this unusual and interesting makeup.  Which captures my eye briefly.  I'm kinda shy anyway, and looked away when she noticed me.  The other line (another young girl) becomes clear and Jürgen proceeds to pay for his granola.  Jürgen does a very good impression of a pompous German bureaucrat with the "full weight" of that authority.  Anyway, I'm politely standing outside the counter aisle (no one else around anyway) and looking at some other items about and in other thoughts. 

Then I notice this innocent young girl behind the counter looking despondently at the package of granola in front of her.

She had made the unfortunate mistake of telling Jürgen that their ATM/Credit Card system was down.  So Jürgen had pulled out his Card and was now holding it against his wallet in front of her in that officious pompous acting of his and befuddling her: "What am I supposed to do?"   (it's a dollar's worth of granola .. of which we both had the cash for .. "but in Germany you have to pay for it!")

Anyway, lost in other thoughts, I hadn't been paying attention to any of it, until I noticed the distress of this poor little girl bent over this insignificant little package.  Of granola.

All of a sudden I'm awake and paying attention thinking
I'll have none of it!
So I gesture to her waving it all off:
"He's teasing you.."

and I'm'off' and 'on the way' right behind him following and clearing the way for the arrival of a new customer waiting.  And exit leaving her with a wry smile and a sparkle in my eye as I say to her after she's returned his change:

"The cash system's still working?" 

And glance back to her for the smile but only see her bending silently over the cash drawer from behind and finishing: after all, she has another customer waiting.  Anyway, I didn't even have to see her face to know "it was already a smile".

It put me over the top.
That withdrawn depressive stuttering/self-esteem issue of mine: I've never socialised with that huge noisy crowd (~20)  at O'Mei packed in the front waiting for their tables at the bar there.  Ever.  Until then.
I was alive.  And fluent.

Jürbably the most fascinating, intelligent and fun person I've ever met in our stuttering support movement.

Humor Home

Warning! .. Warning!  .. Warning!

"Watch Out!" for that "fast draw" of Jane's..

Watch out for Jane there..
I've never seen anyone read it that fast before.
I couldn't believe how fast that response came back.
Virtually instantly: Re: help from Graybears for overwhelmed seniors
The next time I'm gonna duck!

Jane's faster than I thought.
She just bought www.stuttersfa.*** from under me.
I'm gonna be more careful the next time knowing about that "fast draw" of hers.

hmm..  who else can I get into trouble with here? ..

let's see..

I see www.stutteringhomepage.ORG and www.stutteringhomepage.NET are still available.


Judy hasn't written to me since I first met her in '97 at the IFA Conference here in San Francisco.

I saw her again at the NSA Convention in Anaheim a couple of years ago.
But she never wrote.

Did you know she likes deadpan humor?

I didn't,  ..  as she walked into one of the workshops at that NSA Convention and told me "it was for women only!".  Then, as she closed the door, she told me she likes 'deadpan'.  It took me a few seconds to figure it out, so I walked into her "women's only" workshop and told her I love deadpan and to "Watch Out!"

Fred Murray called me a few months ago.

But Judy's "not paying attention".
Probably "daydreaming in class" again.

Someone should wake her up..

Before I buy it.

And tell her to "Watch Out!"

It said it was for MEN ONLY!


www.payattentionjudy.com: it's available, Judy.
www.stutteringhomepage.org: What did it say on the top?

BTW, I didn’t know you had grandchildren--this is for them.
Practice saying this to Granny Judy there:

"Watch Out!"

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I know how to spell it.


'Mauritania': I thought it looked wrong on the page but I wasn't going to bother looking it up!

So you were on the "Mauretania" too, eh?
Miss Perfect with her "Mauretania" with an "e" there..
.."puffing off the gunsmoke from her pistol" there..

"Mauretania II 1939 - 1965
The Mauretania's final voyage was a Mediterranean cruise which left New York on 15 September 1965. .. On 23 November it arrived at Ward's shipbreaking yard in Inverkeithing, .."

Bet you didn't know that, did you?
Miss "Know It All" with her "e" there..

  Jane's faster than I thought.
  She just bought www.stuttersfa.*** from under me.

No she didn't, I just said she did.
"Mauretania", eh

Humor Home


(Alas, the last time I saw Michael was at our 1993 NSP Convention in Wash. D.C.  and I wish he could have stayed longer than the brief couple of hours or so he seemed to vanish into the crowd there that I saw him that evening during speeches.  I introduced him to Gail Wilson Lew which she appreciated .. I don't think they had ever met before)

The SLF: Michael Hartford knew I had something!
Back around '72 or so, I remember writing to the head cheese of this National Council on Stuttering outfit when they first went National and worked hard putting all my ideas down on paper while sitting at a large table in the Library at Washington University in St. Louis.

After I finished, I mailed the plans for the SLF to him so he could follow up on them.  The Stuttering Liberation Front, thousands marching in the street in cities all around the country.  Absolutely brilliant ideas, I'm sure would be appreciated by the Skipper running it all back in Washington.

Michael Hartford: "stark raving lunatic"--that's what he thought after he read it all.  I know this because of what he told me when I first met him later in St. Louis around '74 at a meeting at Irene Ruen's apartment.  And how meeting me that day blew his mind.  I must have made quite an impression on him.  Irene used to run our St. Louis 'Council back then.  She used to say things at our group meetings like "don't listen to him".

Here in San Jose our group leaders say things like:"ignore him, Sharon" (Mel Hoffman)
or"just whack him over the head" (Howard Delman) or
 "go sit in the corner!" (pointing to it)

Anyway, back around '75, after launching the NY Assoc. of Stutterers(at my apartment in Brooklyn Heights, 277 Henry St., 5th floor walkup, top), I drew into port at Washington D.C. for the National Council on Stuttering Convention and welcomed Michael Hartford aboard.

(aside: he invited me to stay at his apartment .. which I did .. whatever happened to Michael anyway? .. he was great fun)

So I drop anchor and lower the gangplank and welcome Michael aboard!

"I wouldn't touch that group with a 10-foot pole.." he told me.

Michael remembered me!

p.s:  in fact Charleen Bloom "gave me the award personally".  It wasn't easy, believe me!  It took years of hard dedicated work at all those Albany Weekend Workshops I attended.  And I think it was my "sea-story"  that finally convinced her..

It was back around '78 or so in the Fall.  After that long journey up the Hudson River from my dock in Brooklyn.  I remember that Friday night as I drew into port at the College of St. Rose for their Weekend Workshop on Stuttering.  Sister Charleen handed me a story about the care and husbandry of horses to read under the bright lights of a TV camera she had set up for me.  I was already a celebrity.  Though I was as nervous as hell, I didn't let her know that because I really wanted to impress her.  I read it fluently and projected a nonchalant confidence.  But I never said the word "horses". 

No one said a word.  Awestruck, no doubt.

As were those 2 student therapists I accidentally walked past behind the next day who never saw me.  They were eagerly playing back my videotape.  A story about the care and husbandry of Jellyfish.  And they couldn't contain themselves.

People remember me.

p.p.s:  Eugene Cooper headed the '97 IFA Conference in San Francisco.  I was really excited about the possibility of meeting Charleen again and hoped she might be there, so I asked him if she was attending.  He said she was. 

I tried to find her, but never did.
Humor Home

"I hope you are well"
Jeff Shames would always preface his emails to me with this statement.
It drove me nuts because I could never figure out a response to it.

BTW, I had one of the most fun times of my life breakfasting with him one morning at the Anaheim 2002 NSA Convention.  It was nice to see him again at the 'Friends' event recently.

Anyway, one day it finally came to me:
"Yes, I am not un-well .. I hope you are too."
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"Meet Cheryl"

>Hi Geoff,
>What Kaiser are the meetings at and what day?
>Talk to you later, Cheryl

OK, Cheryl.  I put up this website just for you! -- www.nsanorcal.org

Now, pay attention!
Or I'm gonna put up a new one named Pay-Attention-Cheryl.com
It's available, by the way.

Howard Delman was elected as our Chapter Leader at the meeting you missed last summer.  In fact you've missed all of our meetings since the last one you held at your house.  Eons ago.  In fact, I think it's a miracle you even showed up at your own meetings.

We got this in on the newswire from Howard last year:
"All SJ meetings will be at 7:30PM on the second Wednesday of each month at the Kaiser Hospital in Santa Clara, in Building K".
You'll find the rest on www.nsanorcal.org

>What Kaiser are the meetings at and what day?
If we don't see you at the next meeting, I'll process serve you with the answer.

Humor Home

Fagin here to Oliver Twist there:


Take a look at it Oliver.  They might be on to something there..
We need to get the drop on them in case they plan on trying anything funny.

Patricia Lohman-Hawk, Ph.D. "Assistant Professor"
That title "Assistant" spooks me -- means she might know something..

Or maybe it's "Shelley Simrin" .. "who knows?"
I'm waiting for someone to rat them all out..

>does Patricia replace someone at Cal State Hayward or is she an addition to the staff?
I have no idea what's going on up there Oliver.
I'm getting nervous.
Something's up.

I just saw this from another one of my minions:
He hid it at the bottom for me so no one could find out.
They're giving out CEU's .. 
You know what that means don't you?  That's constabulary.

In fact, this one cinches it:
She's one of the Queen's men.  And I just found out she's been snooping around trying to find out where we've been meeting.


p.s: looks like I've already got my undercover operatives in the field working on it there .. good work Oliver .. keep me informed.

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Comments (from real living people) are always welcome.
My email address: is my first name geoffrey followed by the @ symbol followed by the letters stutter.name (my website address}

For example: an email address for someone else might be his first name bill followed by the @ symbol followed by the letters microsoft.com  (his website address) which gives the address: bill@microsoft.com    I've heard it will take over half a decade for Mr. Bill to clean it all up.  But that's another story..

Phone: (408) 978-3149 "please leave a message at the tone, thank you for calling"

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