"Shredded"? - I heard the word 'shredded'..


This Investigative Journalist knows a story when he sees one:

"Any disbursements of unusually large amounts of money from the StutterTown Piggy-Bank just prior to Quixote's and StutterTown's demise?" I queried.

"I don't know anything"--seems like I'm starting to hear that a lot now.  *What* exactly "don't they know" and when did they first know they didn't know it.  And why don't they know something they should know anyway?


The Holdup

Black Bart arrives in town with his gang of lawyer jokes.  Finds Quixote tilting at his $windmill$.  So Bart and his gang knock over the bank to teach the town a lesson.  Has his jokers pistol whip any of the witnesses warning them to keep their traps shut if they know what's good for them.  Quixote goes down as an example.  In case they're planning on trying anything funny.  Or blabbing anything about it to anyone in the future.  The jokers clear out the bank.  All the terrified town officials resign.  StutterTown dries up.  The name is changed.

"I don't know anything" everyone says.

I know a story when I see one..

Stay tuned..



The Law

Bylaws in 501(c)(3) StutterTown require Piggy-Banks transparent to their citizens in good standing (hmm.. seems I was at the time -- interesting!..).  So they can see what's going on with their money.  Maybe there was a holdup they were never told about.

hmm.. how can these jokers suppress the knowledge of such a thing?  I don't know why I seem to be thinking that it looks like that "it looks like thing" that I'm seeing it all over again thing.  This one may have involved the heist of a printing press.  As well as the bank itself probably.

It's an old story:
The editor finally gets fed up with all the abuses and publishes them.  Someone has to stand up and speak out.  So Black Bart and his gang ride into town, pistol-whip the editor, trash the press..

If this doesn't work, the next time Bart's jokers just clear out the Bank.  And haul off the press.  As the kind and caring elderly editor watches in tears: alone, abandoned and helpless.

"We don't know anything" the terrified witnesses tell you.  Hmm..

Anyway, I've already made this request publicly in StutterTown to know what's been going on with their Piggy-Bank .. just before their officials resigned and changed the town's name.  Which (after a couple of decades under the leadership of a popular mayor) was finally showing signs of prosperity.  And expect I'm probably the first citizen to do so of their former town officials.  Who's figured it all out.  Then again, maybe it's nothing.  Maybe my copy of that financial statement they were required by law to publish to us about it got lost in the mail or something.  I sure hope this doesn't involve some judge or other official of the court.

Strange rumors have been flying around: "you don't know anything?" I said to her at a recent meeting.  She was around at the time too.  She certainly should have had heard something by now.  After a decade.  Unless no one told her.  They didn't tell me either.  Then again, there's those who "don't want to know".  *What* exactly "don't they want to know".  Maybe they know something they don't want me to know that they know.  And why don't they know something they should know anyway.  "What's going on?"

"Stay tuned.."

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