Holiday Party 2004!


Noticed local sweetie Roger in his "chauffeur uniform" again there for Joan Holland.
And of course: Mel Hoffman and Ruth--thanks for hosting this year.

New members: Don and Terry--from Sacramento!
Sorry I forgot to ask you for your email addresses there.
I wanted to get Kari Kelso's also.
yeah, have to work on that passivity problem of mine.
Self-esteem: "the energy for pursuit".

And sorry I missed a new face or two there.

And where was Leander!--he missed
Elmer Owens!
It's always nice to see those "wise-guys" show up who've been in the vineyard as long as Elmer has.  I really enjoyed it .. we discussed the interesting concluding article J. David Williams Ph.D. had in the latest Speak Easy newsletter "Reviewing Van's Greatness".  Which reminds me, I need to write J. David!

Got some nice smiles out of Barbara Baker there.
Just a couple of years away from her Ph.D. in Psychology.
I'd like to see her start publishing.  I've seen her writing before.

Silvano was especially a pleasure to see again.

Nice to see John "Quixote" Albach there is still at it.
And Howard (our local "head cheese" here).

Elaine and Rich Wells..

"Nice to see you again, Richard.."