Ahoy there mates! .. "Welcome Aboard!"

"Sail on .. Sail on!     ..     Sail on .. and on"


Dear NSA Board of Directors,


Greetings fellow mariners.

Requesting permission to come aboard and "inspect the ship".

"Gather 'round dockside mates.."

My name is Geoffrey Mangers.  I'm a Writer.  And still not cured. 
You'll find some of it (including this one, for easy reference) upon my own personal windjammer: www.stutter.name

And we're "raising sail" here and southerly bound for I see in my telescope the NSA "Queen Mary" steaming upon our Pacific horizon.  With a bearing into Long Beach port.

And with a full complement of officers on Board:

And my goodness, who's that I see on deck? .. why, it's the skipper of our Kennedy Memorial tour, Dallas '91 -- Cap'n Diaz himself.  The rest a yar's look kinda green to me.  Yar got some History mates.

Why don't we all dust off those 'ole Bylaws and take a look at what ya all gots thar' below deck.

"We'll have some laughs and I'll bend your ears.."

I hereby formally request permission to examine the NSP books.  From 1993 until the name change in '99.

You might want to take a look yourselves lads.  And I'll be lookin' ya'll over on Wednesday 28 (or wherever you're at)
to make sure no pirate's bound and gagged ya'll to the mainsl'.


"Shredded?" .. "I heard the word 'shredded'".

"Any unusual disbursements of money?"  I queried our former officers.
What were those muffled cries I heard? .. "We don't know anything" ?.

What happened to all our money?
More muffled cries .. "It ran out"

Where did it all run off to?  Davey Jones Locker?

More muffled cries .. "It's a mystery"

Remember a fellar way back?  Goes by the name of Albach.
Cap'n Albach we all used to call him on board the NSPequod.

Welcome aboard mates!

Sail on!


-- "Sail on .. Sail on! .. Sail on .. and on" --