"Hi Hi Hi!"



Thought I'd update you on what's been going on around here.  Howard wasnít at our meeting last night.  I think he's out of town.  I don't know when he's coming back.  Mel won't be able to make our next meeting either.  Said he'll be on vacation too.  India or something.  Or was it Howard?  Maybe both.

Anyway they left Jeff Olevson in charge.  Looks like he wants a full report out of me for our next meeting.  I'm scared.  He's looks pretty determined.  His father's a lawyer.  He could give me the 3rd degree in a cross exam on all this.  So I better come up with some credible answers quick.  "Or else!"  He might have my head if I don't.  This is one exam I definitely don't want to flunk next month.

So hopefully youíve gotten some answers for me by now.  Strange rumors have been flying around about those NSP financial statements.  No one knows what happened to all our money back then.  Or what went on around the time John Albach left.  After the NSP was finally starting to really prosper under his leadership.

Maybe those financial reports they were supposed to send me about it back then got lost in the mail or something.  Who has the books on all this anyway?  "It's a Mystery" I heard at our Holiday Social last December.  But not while I was in the basement.  What're they hiding down there anyway?  Fort Knox?  And someone else mentioned the word "shredded".  "Shredded?" I asked.  Sounds like something run by Oliver North or something.  I thought the NSP was being run by John Albach back then.  Not the 'Contras'.  And why wasnít he there?  Everyone likes John.  I like and miss him too.  (and Nora also, heard she's moved to Southern Calif. -- hope she'll be at the Conference too).

Anyway, people are getting confused.  "What's going on?"  Jeff's asking more questions.  "Where's John Albach?"  Why wasnít he at the last Holiday Social?  He told you he's coming to the Conference didnít he?  When you called him.  What's his telephone number these days anyway?  You got the check I sent you last month, didnít you?  Hope it didnít get lost in the mail or something.  Tell Albach I'd like to room with him this year.  Haven't seen him for such a long time now.  Would be nice to get together and chat again.  Like old times.  We've got a lot to catch up on.

Who's the Secretary of this NSA thing these days anyway?  Looks like I have an Agenda item for their next Board meeting.

Are you getting this communication?  Your office is in a rough neighborhood.  I used to live around there. Hope you're OK.

Rick here suggested I do a workshop at the Conference.  Why don't you put me down for one.  I've got a few ideas for one, how's this title sound?  "What *is* self-esteem?"

Hey, why don't you call me sometime when things quiet down a bit there at the office and you have some free time.  We could catch up on a buncha stuff.  Have some laughs.  "Or whatever".

(BTW, my phone number's on my website in case you ever lose it and need to find it again.  I'll put a copy of this email there too, just look for "Hi Hi Hi!".  I lose things all the time myself too.)

Youíve got our members asking some good questions here.  I like that.  Practicing that "assertiveness" thing.  Thatís what we want.  You're providing a great example for us all there Tammy.

Keep up the good work.