They're called Bylaws.


Tell Elaine to keep up the good work:
"..Directors are elected by the subscribing membership.." ..
"Source: National Stuttering Association Bylaws (February 3, 2005)"

This is a new and pleasant surprise to see on their website.  Looks like she's making some changes.  Some progress.  And I thought I was slow.  After a decade.  I know how this stuttering thing works.

Yes Jeff, as you can plainly see, the NSA Bylaws do in fact exist.  They have to by law -- "bylaws".  And Elaine has given you a tiny glimpse of them.

Ask your father about Bylaws.  And why they're important.  And why as our new chapter leader you need to have a copy of them.  And know what the rules are.  So we all stay out of trouble.

Don't let anyone snooker you by foisting off some "leadership manual" on you when you asked to see their Bylaws.  You asked for BYLAWS, remember?  I'd be "complaining to the management".  Or announcing my candidacy against this turkey in our next election.

I know how this stuttering thing works.  It's called "go along to get along" .. "don't ask questions" .. "do as you're told".  I don't buy it -- I have a better idea: it's called "check it out".

When you publish the rules for all to see, it's more likely everyone will know what they are and follow them: http://greybears.org/about/bylaws.html

There's all sorts of nonsense that can occur when no one knows the rules.

Like what happened to all our money when it was called the NSP that no one was ever told about.  None of their former officers back then I've talked to are bothered by this question one bit.  Why should their present ones be?  And I think Elaine's "starting to see the light".

Publishing Bylaws and financial statements creates donor confidence in organisations like this one does:

And hopefully the NSA's starting to agree with me.  A good start would be to publish what's in those NSP financial records that was hidden from us all during that "blackout" period that began sometime during the 90's.

I was a member through it all back then.  All the 501(c)(3) Bylaws I know of require members to be allowed to know what's been going on with their money.  And expect the NSA & NSP Bylaws to be no different.  Remember, you asked for their BYLAWS.

What happened to all our money? -- "It ran out".  No, thatís not good enough.  You know, I'm starting to get the feeling that Elaine might be starting to agree.  I hope she doesn't fizzle out on me.

Keep up the good work,
Geoffrey (not 'Jeff')